Don't Save The Breast for Last

As the months roll by and October's focus on breast cancer becomes echoes of last year’s rallies and walks, let's not forget the message that is heard loud and clear throughout the fall months. Mammograms save lives. Breast self examination saves lives. Finding breast cancer early in its development is one of the key ways in which breast cancer is cured.

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United We Stand Against Breast Cancer

Dr. Lisa Minton, general surgeon and Drs. Linda Lukman and Robert Reynolds, medical oncologists at Cancer Institute of Florida, are united in their fight against breast cancer in Seminole County.

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Stand Up Against Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is amongst the most curable of all cancers. Today, a woman diagnosed with this disease has an 86% chance of being alive in 5 years. Advances in detection, treatment and prevention have been making the difference.

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2.6 Million Breast Cancer Survivors

Stand Up Against Breast Cancer

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The Best Time to Get Screened is Now

Breast cancer remains the most common cancer a woman will be diagnosed with, but it is by far one of the most curable. Due to current research, much of it funded by the government and by advocacy groups founded by cancer survivors, new techniques and medicines are continually being incorporated to improve the success rate in battling this disease.

The Breast Cancer Program in Altamonte is at the forefront in bringing these new, exciting and life saving treatments to our patients. We will continue to integrate these advances until the day we find a way to eliminate this disease.

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